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2 Songs That Use 6 Chords

Niall Horan - Slow Hands

This song is written by Alexander Izquierdo, John Ryan, Julian Bunetta, Niall Horan, Rooty and Tobias Jesso Jr. and produced by Julian Bunetta via Capitol Records and Neon Haze Music.

"Slow Hands" is in the key of A Minor for ukulele player you don't need any capo to play this song with basic chords. It uses 1 6, 1 6 4 5, 4, 4 3M, 4 5, 4 5 3, 4 5 3M 6 & 4 5 6 progressions and use E as substitution chord. Use Down Up Down Up Up Down Up strumming pattern per chord.

See example of chords lyrics here:

 Slow hands
            G                                 Am
Like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry
No, no chance
                G                      Em
That I'm leaving here without you on me
I, I know
            G                                   Am
Yeah, I already know that there ain't no stopping
F                                G
 Your plans and those Slow hands (woo)

Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons from Evolve album

This song is written by Ben McKee, Daniel Platzman & Joel Little and produced by Joel Little via Interscope Records & KIDinaKORNER.

"Whatever It Takes" is in D flat Major key for piano player you have to transpose up a half tone to play this song on simple chords. It uses 4 1 5 6, 6 5 2major 3 and 6 5 3 progressions and use D as substitution chord. Use Down Down UpDownUpDown Down strumming pattern per 2 chords and you need to change chord just before the third beat.

See example of chords lyrics here:

Falling too fast to prepare for this
Tripping in the world could be dangerous
Everybody circling, it's vulturous
Negative, nepotist
Everybody waiting for the fall of man
Everybody praying for the end of times
Everybody hoping they could be the one
I was born to run, I was born for this
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